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Presidents of 
House of Israel - United House of Israel - Congregation Beth Israel

1892-1893Lois Herstein
1894Jacob Levine
1895Jacob Cohen
1896Morris Schiff
1897Isaac Greenberg
1898-1899Lois Levine
1900Isaac Cohen
1901-1902Max Frumkin
1903Joseph Levine
1904 Jacob Cohen
1905Morris Schiff
1906Hyman S. Katz
1907Hymon H. Kronick
1908Isaac Hohen
1909Morris Schiff
1910Hyman S. Katz
1911-1912Isaac Hohen
1913-1915Samuel Richton
1916-1917Hymon H. Kronick
1918-1919Isaac Cohen
1920 Samuel Richton
1921-1922 Hymon H. Kronick
1923 Jacob M. Lenhoff
1924-1925Barnet Arl
1926-1930Harry Wein
1931Max Feder
1932-1937Harry Wein
1938-1939Isadore Shapiro
1940-1941Simon Kronick
1942-1945 Israel Ruby
1945-1946Isadore Shapiro
1946-1947Simon Kronick
1949Harry Melcher
1950Joseph G. Kronick
1951-1955Harry Wein
1956Joseph G. Kronick
1957-1962Harry Wein
1963-1964Eugene Wein
1965Joseph G. Kronick
1966-1967Benjamin Apkin
1968-1971Albert Taskin
1971-1974Benjamin Dolgoff
1975-1981Burton Shapiro
1982-1986Robert Bashevkin
1987-1990Warner Smith
1991-1992Mark Gold
1993-1995Howard Wineberg
1996-1997 Bob Bashevkin, Warner Smith 
1998-2003David Ranzer
2003-2004Hal Gordon
2004-2006Joanne Ranzer
2006-2008 Amy Filson, Elma Sanders
2008-2009 Amy Filson, Darlene Radin                     
2009-2010Darlene Radin
2010-2013 Grace Bowen
2013-2014 Pattie Lipman, Bill Levy
​2014-2016 Pattie Lipman
2016-present Liz Miller

Happy New Year!

With the new year, the new officers of CBI have officially taken office and I wanted to take the opportunity to more formally introduce myself. I am an associate professor of marketing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. My family joined CBI when we first moved to Williamstown in August, 2008. Our first interactions with CBI were through services and through the Hand-in- Hand family education program. While this program has evolved since that time, when we first started attending, the Hand-in- Hand program focused on young children (birth to kindergarten) and provided an introduction to Judaism through storytelling, food, and crafts. My children still sleep with the pillowcases they made that include the words to the Sh’ma.

In 2013, I was asked to join the Board – an honor I readily accepted. Along with joining the board, I also joined the education committee, and later the membership and PR committees. I later chaired both of these committees (education and membership), and in 2015, began serving as vice-president.

Looking forward, one of my key goals for CBI is to increase engagement and participation. CBI is best known for its friendly and welcoming character. We have a strong sense of social action and a tradition of appreciating and incorporating the arts into our services and programs. We also take full advantage of our location and offer opportunities for meditation and engaging with the environment. How can we ensure that our members are aware of the programs that we offer and how can we encourage them to make better use of our offerings? How can we better serve our members and how can we strengthen both our CBI member-community and the broader Jewish community in the Northern Berkshires?

The answers to these questions depend on building a partnership between you (our members) and the leadership of CBI. Please reach out to me with concerns and suggestions. If a particular program or person touched you, let me know that too. If you are looking for ways to become more involved, I’d be happy to meet with you to hear more about your interests. Also, check out our “help wanted” column in the newsletter (starting either this month or in February).

The best way to reach me is through email. However, messages can also be left for me through our office administrator, Jack Hockridge, and I typically hang around the CBI office on Mondays between 3-3:30 pm.

I hope to get to meet more of you throughout the year and I look forward to hearing from you. Together, we can make CBI an even stronger community.

Liz Miller
Liz Miller                              photo by Len Radin