Aleph Tav is our Judaic Studies and Hebrew education program for children in grades 1 through 4. It meets on Mondays from 3:30PM-5:15PM. The lead teacher is Jane Shiyah; assistant teacher, Cheryl Sacks. Students (and their families) are strongly encouraged also to attend our Third Saturday Family Shabbat morning services during the school year.

About our Teachers

In 5774 (the 2013-2014 school year) Jane Shiyah will retake the reins as the Lead Teacher in our Aleph Tav classes and will again serve as master storyteller and activity leader in our Hand in Hand programs. Jane holds a Master’s Degree in psychology from Antioch New England. Jane has 45 years of experience in working with children and their families. Her love of teaching and learning is filled with storytelling, games and movement. Her love of Judaism and "doing God's work" inspires her to pass these values on to your children. She thoroughly researches Jewish children’s stories in alignment with our program themes and uses her drama skills to share them with CBI families.

Cheryl Sacks has been a Hebrew instructor at CBI for the last several years and will continue working in the Aleph Tav class this year. Her knowledge of Hebrew comes from attending Hebrew School from kindergarten thru Bat Mitzvah age. In July, Cheryl attended workshops at the New Center for Advancement of Jewish Education (NewCAJE) conference in Dudley, MA. NewCAJE conferences bring together all those involved in the transmission of Jewish education and culture to share ideas, to learn from each other, to advocate for Jewish education and to improve the quality of Jewish education offered in their home communities. Cheryl lives in Lanesboro with her husband and two children.

More About Aleph Tav

Aleph Tav is our program of Hebrew education and weekly Judaic education for our kids in first through fourth grades. Our intention is to give our community's children the tools they need in order to live meaningful, knowledgeable Jewish lives. We want our kids to have basic Jewish literacy: to understand the rhythms of the Jewish year, to know the wisdom stories passed down to us in Torah and Talmud, to cherish Jewish ethics and values, to know what our prayers mean and why we say them.

We want our kids to be familiar with the Torah stories which have so shaped not only our religious tradition but also western literature. To have a sense of the Jewish obligation to do good in the world and to help to heal creation. To begin to meet the basic prayers which make up weekday, Shabbat, and festival services -- so that later in life, when they walk into any synagogue anywhere in the world, they know their way around a siddur.

They'll get all of this and more in this four-year education program, taught by Jane Shiyah and Cheryl Sacks. The program will also feature song, storytelling, magic tricks, and more! We've named this program Aleph-Tav (א''ת) to indicate that we hope this curriculum will teach our kids everything they need to know, from Aleph to Tav (in English we'd say "from A to Z.")